Black Friday Day 2

It's Thursday, the day before Black Friday and we're already on day 2 of our 5 Day giveaway!


Yesterday we practically gave away our premium leather weight lifting gloves, we was due to take this down at midnight but we're feeling generous so here's the link if you missed it -


Today were have gone even further and want to give you our Lifting Wrist Straps FREE! That's right you won't pay a penny for the product, all we need you to do is pay a couple of quid to cover shipping. 


That's right, for next to no money you will have one of the best lifting straps around, they're so popular they was recently the number 1 strap on Amazon! & You will be getting them for next to nothing. 


Don't waste time, get your here -


REMEMBER - Every deal gets taken down at midnight so get yours while you can. 


Deal number 3 is coming tomorrow & it's a must if you like to lift heavy! ... and we know you do!


Speak tomorrow. 



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