How to choose a weight lifting belt

Here at Elevate Equipment we provide premium lifting belts but which is best for you?


You want to take your training to the next level but which belt will help you get there?


In this guide we are going to take you through which is best for you.


All Elevate belts are the best looking belts in any gym so you will look good no matter which one you choose ….

All of our belts are great value and have Free delivery so while we have higher priced belts, you will be getting a great deal no matter which one you choose.


The real question is which one will help you take you’re training to the next level.


We know you take you’re training seriously and so do we. Our goal is to help you Elevate your performance – so what do you train for?


If you are a power lifter, the answer is simple – we have 2 Premium Power Belts which will be perfect for you. The only question here is do you want Suede leather or Smooth Nubuk Leather. Find our more here


Are you a bodybuilder or trying to get in shape? We have some extremely comfortable belts with padded 4” back support that fits the natural shape of your body. These belts are designed to support you lifting heavy weight yet comfortable enough to be worn for an entire workout. 


Some people like to just wear them for their heavy lifts and some like to wear them for the entire session to really bring in the waist line – See which one fits you best here 


Recovering from an injury or just supporting you’re back. A lot of lifters wear belts to support pre-existing injuries while others wear them to prevent getting injured in the first place. If this is what you are after, try out our super comfortable 6” neoprene belts. These are the most comfortable belts on the market by supporting your core with padded back support.


If you have any questions about which belt is best for you, we will answer your questions directly to give tailored advice on which belt to choose.


Check out our full range of weight lifting belts on the link below.



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