Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Straps - Elevate Equipment
Weight Lifting Gym Straps With Advanced Rubber Grip

Weight Lifting Gym Straps With Advanced Rubber Grip

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5* These lifting straps were just what I wanted!
I knew that I wanted some straps that were comfortable on the wrist and had good grip.
These straps do exactly that, the wrist wrap is nice and soft but doesn’t restrict movement.
The straps have rubber that help with your grip too.
I used these for deadlifts today and they were so useful and a worthwhile purchase.- CJP22

5* The best wraps/straps I’ve purchased had several others from different sellers on amazon and the stitching always fails after a couple of weeks Elevates are stronger thicker and wider I wouldn’t go anywhere else now 20/10 - Chris Timms

5* The additional grips really help to keep the straps tight. They were abit uncomfortable first few times I used them but they've softened abit now on the wrists. - E Blackburn

5* Quality better than some branded straps I've used at 3x the price. Grippy and reliable. - Heavy Lifter

 NEVER LOSE GRIP - Elevate Equipment Advanced Rubber Grip Design Ensure To Stick To The Bar While Not Adding Extra thickness Ensuring You Never Lose Your Grip On The Bar!

LIFT MORE WEIGHT - Our Double Stitched Heavy Duty Straps Allow You To Load More Weight On Your Lifts! Our Straps Will Hold Up To Any Weight

GET BIGGER MUSCLES - Get More Reps Every Set While Working The Target Muscle, Not Your Grip! 

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS DESIGNED FOR HEAVY LIFTING - Made of only the highest quality materials they are designed for heavy lifting

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you have any issues we offer a 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked. This are the premium gym straps on the market so you will love it! 

Take your training to the next level with Elevate Equipment Weight Lifting Straps – Our heavy duty padded straps are designed for you to lift heavy and look good doing it!

With our advanced rubber grip on the strap you can be sure you will not lose grip on the weight allowing you to focus on the muscles you are working. Boss Fitness Straps are perfect for all pulling or grip based exercises such as:

  • Deadlift
  • Pull Ups
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Shrugs

Why Choose Elevate Equipment Straps

  • High quality neoprene padding which cushions the wrist while training
  • Advanced rubber grip design ensures your grip will never fail
  • Extra Length straps allows you to double wrap any bar
  • Our Straps are built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Look Good & Get Results!
  • Great Customer Care – Your more than a customer to us!

Q: Will Elevate Equipment straps help me lift more weight?

A: Yes, you are guaranteed to lift heavy weight wearing our straps!

Q: Should the rubber grips towards or away from the bar?

A: You can do either however we recommend they face the bar for maximum grip!

Q: Can I use chalk with Elevate Equipment Straps?

A: You’re welcome to but you really don’t need to!

Q: Can you wash Elevate Equipment straps?

A: Yes but it’s best to use a delicate setting.

Q: What are the measurement of Elevate Equipment Straps?

A: Length 22.5”, Width 1.5”

All Products Are covered By The Elevate Guarantee …If You Do Not Love Your Purchase For Any Reason We Will Exchange Or Refund You In Full. 

Try Our Products In Risk Free Confidence … 

We Are So Confident You Will Love Our Products You Have A 100% Money Back Guarantee … No Questions Asked. 

With 5* Feedback & Thousands Of Happy Customers Join Lifters Just Like You Taking Their Training To The Next Level With Elevate Equipment.

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  • 100% Elevate Guarantee
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  • Take You’re Training To The Next Level & Look Good Doing It

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FREE DELIVERY - On all order!

2-4 working day delivery times 

* We always try to stick to our shipping times however these delivery date can't be guaranteed as we reply on our shipping partners to safely deliver your parcel on time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Alessi Lover
5.0 out of 5 stars Elevate Gym Straps Great for Curl Bar Exercises

Ideal, just the thing for using if doing certain weight lifting. Son has a curl bar and felt better using some hand straps for doing his workouts. Felt these were perfect for the job. Come in a bag for storing which helps me as no finding one here and another there and trying to put them in one place. Means when out and about going to gym at some stage he can throw the bag into his gym bag and know he’s got them ready to use. We both think price wise it’s right one. Like the fact they are just black and white and seem really good.

Parzan D.
Worth the purchase

This is a great product. I have many brands worth of both items you get in this deal, but Elevate have really surpassed my expectations. The items are quality made, durable and the rubber lining on wrist straps really add a depth of grip that no other strap does. I’m yet to see how long the grip lasts, but so far so good. Great packaging, and they come in a travel bag which is consistent with the normal travel bags you get with other products. Best to just throw these items into a gym bag. They’re small and fit into any area you force them into. Definitely worth the purchase.

Mike F.
Strap it up

This item arrived safe and well packaged.
This is a great set of weight lighting straps! They are made very strong and durable fabric. They are clearly made to some very high standards and feel robust and durable. I can see how they would be fantastic for a whole range of exercising, especially, weight lifting and resistance machines.
They're comfortable, grippy, strong and very very durable! Plus the with straps help them really secure to your hands and stay in place. They're also very stylish and colourful too.
I highly recommend this product.

Great for strengthening wrists for lifting ANYTHING

Ok, so starting my review being completely honest...I have no recollection of ordering these straps! However, I'm actually glad that I got them.

These feel comfortable, very supportive and have a natural feel to them when worn. My wrists feel stronger and I can definitely lift heavier items more comfortably.

These may be designed for weight lifting in the gym, but they're also great for other times when you need to lift heavy objects.

Definitely recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great strong set

Those straps are perfect for everyone who does weight lifting and CrossFit, for good support for a better grip.
There are few options to choose from depending on your needs and the amount of money you want to spend on those grips, but overall they are all at a reasonable price.
This set has two different style wrist straps:
- a pair of wide and softer that I will use as it will give me good support as well as will be delicate on my skin
- A pair of narrower wrist straps made of much tougher material with very strong velcro that will be perfect for my boyfriend, who does lots of heavyweight lifting

This set comes with a nice mesh carry bag that you can use to store the straps and take them with you around when going to the gym.

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