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Leather Power Belt

Leather Power Belt

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Elevate Equipment Premium Weight Lifting Power Belt Double Pronged 4 X 10” Nubuk Leather Powerlifting Belt For Heavy Duty Weightlifting Strongman Squats & Deadlifts Gym Training For Men & Women

    THE ONLY WEIGHT LIFTING BELT YOU WILL EVER NEED – If you are an advanced lifter or average gym goer, this belt is perfect for you. Designed to stand up to any test, this belt will increase your support and performance in all forms of weight lifting, bodybuilding, power lifting, strong man and more. 

          THE PREMIUM BELT ON THE MARKET – You take your training seriously and we do too. We all want to advance in the gym so we hand built the most premium belt on the market to help you do just that. Elevate Your training with our Premium Power Belt. 

          SUPERIOR QUALITY DESIGNED TO LAST – If you want to buy the top belt on the market with the confidence it will last for years, look no further. We designed this belt using only premium materials with the intention of making the top powerbelt on the market that would not only look the part but be hard wearing and outlast the competition.

          HOW THIS BELT WORKS – With a Double Pronged 4 X 10” Nubuk Leather design that fits the natural shape of your body, it can be tightened to your desired fit for maximum core and back support during heavy lifts by increasing abdominal pressure.

         HOW IS THIS BELT DIFFERENT – Unlike other brands we put comfort at the top of our list of priorities for a power belt. With premium quality nubuk leather it is soft and flexible to wear allowing for a comfortable workout long fit without compromising support during heavy lifts such as squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bent over row, functional strongman moves and more. Allowing you to workout in comfort for longer.

Take your training to the next level and look good doing it using the only weight lifting belt you will ever need.

Elevate Equipment’s Premium nubuk leather powerbelt has been extensively tried and tested to create the premium multi use belt on the market. With a double pronged 4 X 10” design that fits the natural shape of your body it has been proven to stand up to any test, from the average gym goer to elite performers. 


Our athletes have performed incredible lifts in this belt including a 300KG squat and 340KG deadlift proving it to be the number 1 choice for advanced lifters that will stand up to any strong man or Power Lifter.

It has also been extensively tested on a variety of normal gym goers including men and women, of all shapes and sizes as well as ability and received 5* feedback throughout.


The smooth premium nubuk leather coupled with the contoured design creates the perfect fit around your back, hips and abs allowing you to wear the belt in comfort for an entire workout no matter if your train in bodybuilding, powerlifting, corssfit, strongman and circuits.


10 mm & 4 Inch Wide

10 mm thickness and 4 inches wide has been identified as the perfect fit for a leather powerbelt. Unlike other brands Elevate Equipment belts have a flexible and comfortable fit that does not sacrifice support during heavy lifts



The double pronged buckle is heavy duty and holds up to any level of resistance yet has a tailored fit to the end of the belt allowing quick application and removal for power lifting 1 rep max lifts such as Bench Press, Deadlift and Squats.



Elevate Equipment designed this belt with one goal in mind – create the best powerbelt on the market at an affordable price. We sourced only the highest quality materials with the highest quality cowhide nubuk leather with a smooth finish that is unlike any other powerbelt on the market ensuring you have the best looking belt in any gym. Double stitched exterior, reinforced screw rivets and heavy duty buckle makes this a long lasting accessory the only lifting belt you will ever need.



  1. Q) Why choose the Elevate Equipment powerbelt?
  2. A) If you want the best lifting belt on the market and don’t want to scrimp on quality + we provide it to you at the best value for money of any belt of this quality.


  1. Q) Who is this belt designed for?
  2. A) This belt is for anyone serious about their lifting that wants to take their training to the next level no matter if you are into bodybuilding, crossfit, power lifting, strongman or otherwise.


  1. Q) What size should I choose?
  2. A) Check out our size chart image however for a guide on size please see below:

* All sizes are around the waist ( belly button ) not trouser size

SMALL – 25-30”

MEDIUM – 29-35”

LARGE – 34-40”

X-LARGE – 39 – 45”


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