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Wrist Wraps

Wrist Wraps

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Premium Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps Heavy Duty Thumb Loop & 16” Elastic Wrap Straps Provide Strength & Support To Increase Lifts & Reduce Injury In Gym Bodybuilding Crossfit Powerlifting Bench Press 


💪  LIFT MORE WEIGHT 🏋 Support Your Wrist To Handle More Weight! Elevate Equipment Wrist Wraps have a strong thump loop and stretchy yet durable elastic wrap which strengthen and support your wrist while lifting. With a heavy duty yet comfortable design, these wraps are designed for one thing – to help you lift heavier weights and increase your athletic performance.

WHIY CHOOSE ELEVATE EQUIPMENT 👍 Elevate Equipment Wrist Wraps are made for those that want accessories that help take their training to the next level & look good doing it. Made of only premium materials, these wraps will hold up to any weight and will not let you down.

✅ AVOID INJURY 🥇 Elevate Equipment Wraps provide support to your wrist’s allowing you to lift safely for longer! ✅ QUICK WRAP – Wide thumb wrap with extended wrap 16” Length 3” wide ensures your ready to lift in seconds! 

😀 HEAVY DUTY 💰 Made From The Highest Quality Cotton & Elastic To Keep You Supported During Heavy Training. Elevate Equipment Wrist Wraps Are Made To last & Designed To Hold Up To Any Weight.

🇬🇧 SATISFACTION GARUANTEED 💯% 🆓 Elevate Equipment are on a mission to become the best weight lifting accessory brand in the UK🇬🇧. Our goal is to bring you the best products in the gym to help take your training to a new level & look good doing it! We are so confident you will love our products like we do but if you have any issues we offer a 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked. This are the premium gym wraps on the market so you will love it!



 Elevate Equipment Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps
Take your training to the next level with our heavy duty wrist wraps allowing you to lift heavy and look good doing it! With our stretchy yet sturdy design we combine comfort with performance to help you lift more weight and get more reps! 

Elevate Equipment Wraps have a large thumb loop and an extended Velcro strip to quickly apply the wraps getting you ready to lift in seconds. Made from the highest quality cotton and elastic, measuring wrap 16" Length 3" Wide our wraps are designed to last for life! 

With a combination of quality, performance and style ELEVATE EQUIPMENT WRAPS are guaranteed to help you lift more weight and take your training to the next level! 

What Exercises are
Elevate Equipment wraps made for? 
Our wraps are perfect for all pushing exercises such as: 
💪Bench press
💪Shoulder press
💪Press Ups
💪Tricep push downs
💪Bicep curls

Will these straps help me lift heavier weights? 
Elevate Equipment Wraps are a heavy duty design to guarantee you lift more weight! 

How tight should I apply the straps
Elevate Equipment wraps have an extra long Velcro seal to fit every lifter. Wraps should be tight bit not too tight! 

Why not buy cheaper wraps? 
Other wraps are cheap for a reason - their made cheap! You get what you pay for. 

Can I wear the wraps all workout of do I need to take them off? 
Elevate Equipment Wraps are made for comfort and performance so you can wear them all day! 

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